Monday, February 1, 2010

Match point blue

After finding the March issue of House Beautiful in my mailbox I was intrigued to see so many beautiful rooms in blue. I love blue rooms. They are a bit tricky in the mid range to pull off and I tend to love the light or really strong blues best, but there were many rooms I liked.

This one struck me immediately:

A couple of day ago I had bought a little tunic dress for myself, a small pre - spring treat and I was stunned, how it somehow resembled the picture above.

Well, it proofs both are very right now and my preferences are obvious...

A couple of other finds come to my mind thinking of blue...

And then there is nature with its inimitable blues...

PS: I had written previously about blue rooms here!

Any blue rooms around you? Let me know!


Pictures via House Beautiful, Elle Decor UK, Interiors, HGTV home 2009 and La Vie Claire mag.


  1. I also really like blue, but I have never had the guts to do a blue room since one of my very dear friends always told me that BLUE = frigid and to never decorate a bedroom in blue! ha!

    Absolutely enjoyed every word of your comment regarding cafes! I couldn't agree more - they are very special and EUROPE is the heartbeat of the best in the world! They define cafe!

  2. Love the warmness of a blue room...reminds me of the beach. Pretty dress.....spring needs to hurry.

  3. Hello Victoria! Thank you for all your great input regarding my "ugly" bathroom! You are very helpful! I haven't picked up the magazine yet, but I will. I really love that den with all the books! Your tunic dress is lovely.


  4. So pretty - blue is such a soothing color. Great images.

  5. I'm following now! :) The room with the geometric blue floor makes me dizzy, but i love the pale blue bookshelves with the stronger blue wall in the photo somewhere above it!

  6. There is something so calming about a blue room! x


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