Monday, February 15, 2010

An affair with a room

I happen to have an affair with bedrooms lately, because I am so tired of my own, which has seen clearly better days and calls out for help every time I set foot in it.

Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely room with a huge four poster bed,

some old roadside finds of two dressers, a hand me down mirror,

a very old TV on a small green painted table, and yes, two different paint colors...

a bench belonging to our old dining set and some of the smallest closets to be found in this country... It's cozy and according to hubby nothing is really wrong with it, but I have an urge for change. Maybe it's my profession or the tendency to change thing around once in a while and certainly after 10 years of the same lovely place there is a time to move on.

I do like eclectic, but this room has become the catch all for left over furniture, partially born out of necessity and partly because I hate to through things away.
The red crackle finished dresser was the labor of love for my daughter's first bedroom in this house, more then 10 years ago.

This bedroom has a serious split personality disorder, Indian crossed with country .... kitsch!
But what direction to take?
Here are my thoughts: I am frugal, so some of the old pieces should stay, but which?
Where should I splurge, where could I cut some corners? I am for painting, changing, re-doing...
I do not have problems finding solutions for my clients, but in my own house I stall sometimes.
I would like to make it more modern, but cozy, I like that in a bedroom, we are readers, light is important and the comfort of a king size bed is indisputable.

My thinking goes towards a upholstered headboard, with clean lines and perhaps some nail head details.

There is a nice dark hardwood floor. So far we did not have a carpet, but I love to have something soft underfoot, when I get up in the morning. Area rug or wall to wall? No way, I hate wall to wall! Or maybe? Colours? Wallpaper? Dramatic or serene? What about the windows? Ohhhh....
We also have a horror of a "master bath room", merely 6'x 6'...which needs big time changes in the near future. Needless to say, this will have to come first.

But I want to get a plan in place for our bedroom, to be tackled most likely within a year!

I have a couple of ideas and would love to bounce them around with you a bit.

love this bedding

love the comfort and colours

love the crispness...

I like it timeless, not too trendy, as not to have the need to redo it within the next 10 years...

I would love:

a soft area rug under the bed,
new window deco, shades plus curtains,
new wall paint or wallpaper,
new bed side lamps, but good reading light is needed,
extra storage for clothes and linen,
maybe a new bed, maybe work with the existing one,
maybe a flat screen TV,
new bedding.

As you may know, I do love colour, I am not afraid of patterns and do like a cozy atmosphere. I want to make it a retreat, a haven for my husband and I, the place to find refuge after a hard day's work and the place to hold court for the family on Sunday mornings...playful, yet grown up!

I am thinking ... and all ideas and your input are very welcome!!!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski, via Anthropologie, Westelm, Restoration Hardware, House of Turquoise blog, House and Home, House Beautiful and some magazines, which I do not all remember...


  1. my bedroom needs help too! we're newlyweds so we actually dont even have a bed frame..but i got the hubby two big decorative pillows for valentines day, so that spruces things up! personally, to me a bedroom needs to have a very serenem uncluttered feeling. i love your 4-post, but i would maybe take off all the hanging stuff and maybe paint it black, then stick with 3 colors in decorating (you seem to love blue!). my room is based on yellow, white, and green. im interested to see what you come up with! good luck!

  2. I'm loving the blues! Your dark flooring is gorgeous! I'm no decorator...go with your gut.

  3. Love the last image, and you could actually take the zebra print to an area rug next to the bed!


  4. Instructions: :)

  5. What a fun little project for you to begin at home. It certainly looks as though you're on the right track. An upholstered headboard with nail head details sounds divine! You MUST post "after" photos for us! XO

  6. You've a lot of blues in the images that you found and I think that's a great direction to go. I agree, the hard part is throwing out something that you might really want to keep. Maybe you renovate the dresser, if you want to change it, like a new paint job? But sometimes it IS fun to get new things. I hope to see some more of what you're thinking!

  7. I think starting fresh is very inspiring. First start with clearing everything out and painting a light, calm, cool palette. You will indeed produce something soothing and fabulous. I love whites too with blues, gray and naturals in a bedroom.

  8. To all of you: Big thank you for all your sweet suggestions and I am going to hatch something out and will show you my plan. First on paper and an idea board and eventually in reality.



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