Friday, January 29, 2010




There is an almost forgotten art of letter writing and I must admit that I as well have succumbed mostly to emails and the writing of greeting cards! I feel sad about this!
Even though I have a large family oversees, I feel dreadful not to write more often!
I could now list my excuses, but truly, there aren't any worth mention. It is mainly the lack of discipline. As I sit here in front of my keyboard, I think of papers and an ink pen, things I used to have and use! In the days before PC I wrote many letters to friends, lovers and family. I filled them with pictures, occasional drawings, personal mementos. Sometimes I come across my carefully wrapped letters by my grandmother to me or some of my husband's before we were married and lived thousands of miles apart. I adore them and treasure them above many other of my possessions!
I had recently bought a lovely box with stamps to embellish (handwritten) letters and now I vow to put them to use. I want to write more letters!
There is always a chance to start afresh and last year I had begun to de-clutter our life and household in an attempt to simplify our life. I can report we are well on our way! Now I feel ready to begin more refined changes. I think my sons in Berlin will love to receive letters from their mother (so I hope) and I know my parents will love to find some more often in their mail box. I know, I do and it's seldom enough! I love to receive letters!
What got me thinking about letters in the first place? I had read recently a lovely book by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows:
"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society".

The book written as an exchange of letters had me in it's grip from the very first minute. Not just the subject has moved me deeply, but the form! I love to read letters! It is such an intimate form of transmitting thoughts and ideas.
Now I am aware, that this book is fiction, but real letters fascinate me even more.
I feel I peek into someones life and time, it is exciting and maybe there is a small desire to become part of something I am actually not. Letters are authentic,perhaps this is the most important aspect of it all. Real people, real lives!
I have found some written letter inspirations from the shelves of my virtual library, some letters I have read, some I have on my shortlist now and some I will discover over time.

What better way to get inspired to write letters, then to read well written ones?
I am so glad this winter is still long and there will be many hours, where I can curl up and read.... and - oh... and write some of my own!

Yours with love!


  1. Oh how wonderful, I have read some of the same books and I have saved so many letters over the years. I adore the Paul Smith shop in NY with letters and snippets of life framed and hung in a sort of random hip fashion. I will write you a letter. Nothing is more luxurious than opening a hand-written letter. Viva la letter!

  2. Oh Patricia, I am so looking forward to this!

  3. What an outstanding post. I couldn't agree more.

  4. I love letter writing as well, though I also rarely do it anymore. Some of my favorite letters were those between Jefferson and Adams (and between Adams and Abigail). Great stuff.

  5. I love to write letters. I agree, people don't write letters as much anymore. I try to at least send birthday cards instead of those e-cards. It just seems more personal. I like it so much more because, like you said, you can store them away and you can take them out again to relive that moment. =)

  6. Victoria,

    So glad you came by Ragland Hill Social today. I'm so glad to meet you and now know your blog. I, too, lament the lack of writing letters. I used to be so good about writing notes and I've fallen out of the habit so this has inspired me to get back to it. Thank you.

    I'll be back to see you soon.

  7. Letter writing is such a beautiful gift! x

  8. I agree, these days something that arrives in the mail is a treat indeed!


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