Sunday, March 6, 2011

My current book list

Ok, I haven't been that consistent telling you about my reading lately!
Sometimes I have a down time and then I suddenly realize I haven't read anything of consequence recently!
But that changed again when I finally collected Alan Bradley's third installment of his Flavia de Luce series. The charmingly odd 11 year old heroine is high on my to follow list and the latest in her sleuth adventures is as addictive as the first two.
You can read a wonderful review by Sarah Weinman here.
It's best if you start this journey through Flavia's adventures at the beginning.
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie started it all and since then I can't wait to find out more about her!

Followed by The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag!

And it's the last one of her adventures which has me in it's grip right now! A Red Herring Without Mustard!

I copied this review from Amazon! It's all in a nutshell!

"By J. Lesley (Midsouth, United States)
This review is from: A Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia de Luce Novel (Hardcover)

This charming series of novels written by Alan Bradley is positively addictive. You can start at any point, with any of the three, but Flavia along with her family, friends and neighbors in the tiny British hamlet of Bishop's Lacey will surely capture your imagination, your sympathy, or your heart. Probably all three.

Flavia is the most unusual eleven year old girl you could ever meet. Her interests are centered around chemistry, riding her bicycle (called Gladys) and escaping the evil clutches of her two older sisters who torture her at every turn. Ah, siblings. In this third action packed adventure Flavia starts out wanting to have her fortune told at the village fĂȘte and ends up burning down the tent of the gypsy fortune teller. Of course it was all an accident and Flavia does her best to make amends by seeing that Fenella Faa has a safe place to park her caravan while she recovers from the effects of the smoke she inhaled. And what better place than on the grounds of her family's estate, Buckshaw? Events begin to spiral into more and more unusual situations as Flavia begins to uncover facts of an ancient religious group, a kidnapped infant, valuable antiques disappearing and then reappearing, and a vicious attack, then a murder. All the while the police are pursuing their inquiries and Flavia is pursuing her own investigation. What is that smell of dead fish she seems to keep noticing?

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. I had been looking forward to following along while this young detective solved the puzzles which seemed to keep mounting up and I certainly was not disappointed. The deeper Flavia went into the attack on Fenella the more questions were raised about other things going on in both Bishop's Lacey and other nearby villages. In the middle of it all hangs the very real life troubles of the de Luce family and their money problems. Flavia's father has to make some hard decisions and some sacrifices are necessary now, and more will surely be faced in the future. Come along into this wonderful world and meet Flavia's father, her sisters Ophelia and Daphne, Mrs. Mallet, Dogger, the doctor, the vicar, the police inspector and his sergeant and a host of neighbors both nice and not so nice. A small English village, an eleven year old girl, the 1950's and crime of many kinds. A recipe for adventure and delight."

Thank you, J.Lesley, you put the right words to my thoughts!


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  1. Oh I love Bradley. And by the way sorry for not sending the violet book back to you. Had to keep it ;) No, kidding, you can take it back home when you two come and visit us. I'm so looking forward to having you here. This is gonna be so much fun.
    Much love, Lisa.

  2. My dear, these books sound right up my street. I must go to my library straight and get these books out. Thank you so much for recommendation.

  3. lisa is also totally into alan bradley. didn't you give her one of the books or recommend it to her?

  4. oh, only saw lisa's comment now... how funny is this : )

  5. I am smiling from ear to ear!!!


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