Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One year of writing

Today marks the first anniversary of my blog. It has been since then an incredible journey and I can hardly put into words, what this year means to me. One thing definitely: I am most thankful for all of you, readers and followers, supporters and commenter, friends and clients from near and far! Your loyalty means so much to me!

From my first post, a project I had then completed...there was no text!

You all out there have given me so much more then I can ever give back to you: endless inspirations, knowledge, joy, wisdom, friendship, and the patience
to keep writing. It has been a year in which I began to find my way and voice in the world of blogs, found so many bloggers to follow - that list is growing - found hours of entertainment, where I had to force myself to stop and go to bed...or stop and start cooking!

I have not run out of ideas of what to tell you, or show you, something I thought could possibly happen, but my original idea for this blog has slightly shifted. I had planned to write eloquently about design and art, an elegant blog full of glamour and fancy reflections...

as it turns out I am writing about art and design reflected through the lenses of my patch work life. I am simply talking about things that truly touch me, things I see and want to share. And I have learned to write and to express myself better. This is not so easy for me, for English not being my mother tongue. But I adore this language! I have learned from all of you to find my own honest voice!

Here is to my family who has endured hours of motherly/wifely absence, due to blogging, writing or taking endless pictures...

And particularly to my older sons for getting me started and being so incredibly supportive at all times! Many cries for help where answered! I hope you keep being patient with me!

I am writing mostly about all things I feel and know best: my experiences, memories and travels, my work as an interior designer, about being a wife and mother of four completely different children, being a friend, an immigrant - homesick on occasion - about being an artist, a reader, a musician (not good enough), an addict of all things beautiful, lover of nature and creatures.
I am so grateful for all which has come to me during this year: especially a wonderful new friendship!


Thank you all for being who you are!
With love!


Pictures via aspiring-homemaker.blogspot.com, workitmom.com, gonewiththevoile.blogspot.com, http://obviousmag.org/en/archives/2007/08/men_and_women_at_the_wheel.html and a few of my own. Picture of Mrs.Delafield sitting at a window I do not recall the source!


  1. Just when you were trying to figure out how to capture your One year Anniversary, you so eloquently did in images and in words. How delightful that your honest to goodness blog met mine and we have not only been loyal comments and readers, but having the pleasure of getting to know you is so incredibly wonderful.
    I can attest to your dedication to design, family, love, beauty and the discipline and lack of fear to getting the job done. I commend you for being loyal to your blog, your voice and your interior design work.
    Wishing you a creative year ahead! We are truly blessed to be friends and observers of life,

  2. To begin with, Many many congratulations!
    I have gotten the chance to know you not so long ago, but I'm really grateful for this opportunity. I'm really inspired by what you've done; Being a wife and a mom but also not giving up your work and to have hobbies in addition to all that! It's quite rare in my hometown and in my culture in general.

    Just as you, English is not my mother language neither, but I love this language so much.
    I look forwards to your future posts with excitement.

    Have fun, good luck and hopefully I'll be here next year to wish you happy 2nd anniversary!

  3. That is a very lovely post. I am so glad you have so much fun with what you are doing. Not only the blog itself, but also your work, your creativity and your exchange of ideas with fellow bloggers. :) I have, yet,not met many people who managed to get into this so quickly and also managed to keep going with such endurance. I know how busy you are with everything you have to keep going, that's why I really find it quite extraordinary how you manage. And just because I do not comment very often, doesn't mean I don't follow your blog very closely ;) ...

    ps. and let's talk very soon, okay??!!

  4. I've only recently begun following you but it's been a wonderful experience to do so (and to continue!). I enjoy how well you illustrate your life for the rest of us to see (via images). I love the honesty you have in your writing and in the topics you choose to write about. Thank you, always, for sharing your thoughts!

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

  5. hooray! happy first anniversary! it is amazing the self-discovery, creative outlet, and inspiration that comes from having a blog! even though it can sometimes feel like a burden, or tiresome, it is so worth blogging-on! i'm glad to be a reader of yours :)

  6. Congratulations dear Victoria, you are by far one of the sweetest people on here and for that I treasure you. Also your taste in art and literature and joy of life is infectuous. Always be you and always grow as you, Peace and love, xxx.

  7. What a beautiful post. Happy first bloggy birthday. It is the most magical forum. We are all drawn to each other through common interests and become friends that we can't live without. A-M xx

  8. Lovely post and lovely images :) Congratulations!!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    We must have stumbled on to each other soon after you started writing and I got serious.

    As always you have treated me with lovely photos and lovely thoughts.

    Warm Wishes,

  10. What a beautiful post and images. So glad to meet you in the blog world and hopefully one day in person. Happy Blogiversary!

  11. Thank you all for you sweet comments, you made me very happy! XX

  12. Liebe Victoria,
    Congratulations. I feel you. If I had to write in German...with accusativ, dativ, etc. I would be out of business! Having blogging as an expat is invaluable! Tschüs!


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