Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pretty against the storm

Now it's official, we are waiting for a snowstorm and the children are having the first snow day this winter! All we can do is to sit and see what's coming, all though I am still not fully convinced. The kids are giddy with the prospect of an extra day for fun and games!
Anyway, I had bought the most delightful lilies and they brighten my days and scent the air. Well, competing with the aromatic fire place...at night!

My window ledge catching all the sun available...

This beautiful tray fitting right in...By Fringe - Peacock glass tray seen at Bloomingdales.com

And yet...perhaps sledding tomorrow, hurra! And hot chocolate in the morning, sleeping in and letting nature take it's course!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski and via Bloomie's.


  1. Gorgeous flowers....Snow days are the best! Stay warm!

  2. The flowers look really great. Wow! Snow! Well, lucky you! I'd give a lot just to have it snow here.

  3. Beautiful flowers.Enjoy your snowy days.

  4. Oh, I want hot chocolate too! With whipped cream!

  5. We cannot fight nature, nor can we ignore our dreams. Hop over to read all about my pretty white dream.
    Enjoy the snow day!

  6. Update: Woke up this morning to large flakes, hurrying by to come to a rest on branches and lamposts, the ground covered with a virgin blanket...oh,the beauty of it all!
    Thank you all for visiting already. Makes me happy!

    XO Victoria

  7. Enjoy the snow! I wish I wasn't in LA. I miss the snow so much.


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