Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy day

Just to delight you with some images from around here, some 20 miles north of New York City!

They do look a bit like black and white pictures, but they aren't...

I hope you are enjoying your day!



  1. I can't believe the coloring in the bottom photo- your beautiful window display indeed looks black and white! good luck weathering the storm- I heard in DC and NY city stores are running low on food supplies, so I hope you have enough warmth, and food, and entertainment for your children!

  2. Look at all that snow!!! I hope you're staying safe and warm! These pictures sure are pretty though!

  3. Hi Victoria,
    Yes you did have a real White Wednesday. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the shot of the table. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Be safe, stay warm, and try to enjoy the snow. Wish we had snow, I live in Georgia. We just get cold and rainy most of the time.
    The Swedish Room

  4. And I thought we were having cold weather here in Edinburgh! No white for us just a cold, grey blue haze out our windows

  5. Hi Victoria,
    Beautiful picures! I saw on the news yesterday evening about the snow in Washington DC! Oh my goodness! I hope it will not end like this there were you live!
    PS Thank you so much for your sweet comment to my blogpost the other day!

  6. Oh I love snow - I am now quite envious with the splattering of snow we got yesterday in London.

  7. The snow looks so beautiful- I wish we got more up here in Boston

  8. It was a gorgeous snow day!
    Love your photos.

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