Thursday, February 18, 2010

High Road House Hotel in London

Looking for more bedroom inspiration a stumbled upon this little treasure in London, which I wanted to share with you. A bit off the beaten path, located in the West End it's delightfully modern, with a nod to Amish plainness, at least in the actual rooms. Love the pegs on the walls, the colors and the retro touches. I would love to stretch out there after a day on London's streets.

And check this cozy bar and lounge...

Any one in travel mode?


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  1. Hey, I just got home, and I would not even need to unpack my bags to go there with you! How fun. I love the spartan look for the bedrooms.

  2. Love all the white! We leave Saturday for Austria for skiing, I'm excited but kinda sick of winter.

  3. Love these rooms. I could move into the one with the tub.

  4. I love the bar and lounge! It looks cozy and classy!

  5. Thanks for recommending this place. It looks so wouldn't know it's in London. It could be in Paris or New York. Have a lovely weekend x


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