Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wild life

I love to watch animals around us, in the garden, on walks or in nature. I love all creatures and sometimes I get a small glimpse into their life...

A few days ago my husband managed to film a second or two with Mr. Fox wandering early in the morning through our garden...he is actually a regular visitor. The fox that is...

I love this little female Cardinal, she comes often to my window behind my desk and sometimes I get to see her beau as well, I try to capture him, he is so gorgeous against the snow...but shy. His girlfriend on the other hand knocks on the glass! I put some wild bird food out, so they feel welcome!

And this hawk came very close, he must have been hungry! He sat for a while in our huge hemlock hedge, but was too afraid to be fotographed. He zoomed right by me...
I took this picture with my phone, no zoom on my end.


Pictures and video by V.& M.Zlotkowski.


  1. I also get visitors every once in a while, mostly Jackals, which are very much similar to foxes.
    Oh, this bird on your windowsill is so cute, it's always nice to wake up and see a bird on your window... I remember few year ago we had a female dove on our window for days, she wouldn't leave no matter what! Oh, and once we left our living room window wide open and a little bird entered the house and scared my little sister!

  2. Cool shots of your outdoor friends, especially the fox. I never have my camera ready for the animals I see.

  3. Did you know that the cardinal is my home state bird, so that is in fact a symbol of me and my visits! I love that you have so many visitors and that we are so close to the city!


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