Friday, February 26, 2010

Time and again

I have been rummaging through my files , looking for inspiration for my upcoming renovations in my own house, master bedroom and living room and wall paper has been on my mind.

We had begun to use wallpaper, when we moved in to our house about ten years ago.
I had used Designers Guild paper in lime green at the time and apart from little hands patting in chair rail height a layer of fatty little prints it's in pretty good shape...
In other words the expense of the paper has been well worth it.

For my bedroom I found a lovely paper and will give you a little preview:

I found it here.

A few day ago I came across these pictures and was in such awe:

This last image via House of Turquoise, features a similar patterned wallpaper in beige, but alone the combination with those gorgeous lamps makes my heart skip a beat!!!

Wallpaper has been around for so long and it's wonderful that it has become so popular again. It simply is such a fabulous design element. I love how it is used on the screen in the painting above , surely in those days it was very expensive and to introduce such a pattern on a screen was economic and effective at the same time. And check out the hide the young lady is having all comes 'round again!

The wallpaper has given me the starting point and now it's off to the details around it...


Pictures via,, carpet via Marimekko and as shown above.


  1. Hi Victoria,
    I love the damask wallpaper. What I used to do with vintage wallpaper is frame it up and hang it like art. Have a great weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  2. I love the wallpaper! Do you have wallpaper in all the rooms in your house?

  3. Victoria it will be beautiful....come and see my latest painting in those tones.



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