Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some more blue love

The sky above the roof of our house...

Some pretty plates from MacKenzie-Childs

This lovely Scottish gal from 13threads has spun me in her web of gorgeous fabrics and dresses and I consider a commission...

A bird pillow from here

My own work - Fields of blue -

So much lovely blue all around me...

Have a wonderful week ahead!


The new Elle Decor (all in blue) stared at me in the bookstore earlier today, my subscription has not arrived yet and I had to hold myself back not to rip it of the shelf and browse through it! My March issue from House Beautiful comes beginning of February, but this one way after the release in stores. Strange...& maddening!

Pictures and artwork by V.Zlotkowski, Etsyseller 13threads, Westelm spring collection


  1. Oh, it's painful to see a new issue at the store when yours is still in the mail! I really enjoy the blue theme of this post and the previous. If I had to choose, I would certainly hope to get the the pillow. I like the simplicity of it. I love your piece of artwork too! What was your inspiration for it?

  2. I really love that blue coat! Would be perfect for spring!!

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for the visit. FL is cool but when I call home and know they are in a snow storm I do not rub it in, complain, or tell them how bad this is!
    I have a blue posting started - it is my favorite color. I m really enjoying the blue House Beautiful issue, I will look for the Elle issue.
    I am helping a sister pick out some things for their condo. She has a lovely start.
    More when I get home.
    Neat art!

  4. Blue is my favourite! Love your art.

  5. Christine Vi, I like to play with colors and patterns and abstract ideas. And in this case in my mind were at the time fields I had flown over in Europe, small patches of land, they got transformed into something blue...When I paint it's a bit like meditating, I let it flow.
    I have done different things, but my palette has been always strong. This one is rather small, ca 12"x15".

    Thank you all for commenting, Dagny, check her out, maybe you find something nice!

    Rebecca, I am sure you will find something good with your sister, enjoy your time together!

    SogniSorrisi, thank you for stopping by, I love blue...



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