Thursday, February 4, 2010

Of art and birds and gentle colors

Creative inspiration...

Jean-Honore Fragonard's "Lettre d'amour"

Where do we turn to to fill our minds with the impressions we need to transform ordinary life into something inspired? Where do we find the angle, the new twist, the idea to move forward in our work? What makes us creative? Does it have to be new? Or do we take it from everything we have internalized over the years? Memories?
Old books and new books, paintings and sculptures. And the many inspirations we receive from others.

Caspar David Friedrich's "Kreidefelsen auf Ruegen" - Chalk cliffs on the island Ruegen in North East Germany. They are still there, a World Heritage site.

My answer usually is life itself and all above.... My inspirations come from all kinds of sources around me. From my past to the now. It is constant and moves on from one thing to the next. A endless woven tapestry of life.

Not only lovely images, but the thoughts which surround them. Getting inspired starts for me with ideas about the way we live.

Renoir: Friend's conversation in his studio

Thinking, conversations with friends, the books (and blogs) I read, nature I wander through and all the people, who fill my live with love. To open my eyes to everyday wonders, the seasons, the growing of my children, the creatures around me. Music and dance, movies and theater and opera...On the other side the wars and conflicts, the hunger and diseases, natures cruel strikings.
Absorbing the reality and lacing it with dreams and hopes, desires and fantasy.

Nature has inspired me as long as I can remember, I have a collection of birds and butterflies, nests and stones, shells and fossils.

The colors of earth and water, the formations of the sky, the light and sunshine through leaves, the fog over a lake or the gentle breeze over the ocean, snow covered landscapes... all this transforms into objects and spaces, textures and colors. All at the playground of the imagination.

The winter is coming to an end - slowly - and we all yearn for spring - warmth, colors, and new life. Some of my inspirations...


May the world inspire you!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski, images as indicated and via ABC Store (top), 4 bird plates by John Derian, Anthropologie (dresses on mannequins), Westelm (chairs,bed and tablesetting with ceiling fixture), Mitchell Gold (red side board), Etsy seller 13threads, china in (red) coral via Reynauld and green white place setting by Kate Spade. Bird trays via and the last image of the Haymarket Hotel in London.


  1. What pretty inspiration photos! I love gray and yellow, but I'm really drawn to the coral. Perhaps I'm yearning for the warmth?

  2. Hey there, I'm so ecstatic at the moment because not only that you love books but you're an interior designer, too! I have to admit I'm really into interior designing and I'm looking to futher develop my knowledge in the field by studying Architecture and Interior Designs.

    Great post, very inspiring.
    Have a great day!

  3. You always have such pretties all around.
    They evoke a longing for Spring, blooms and birds.

  4. Averill, I think after 3.5 month of winter we all long for spring, right?
    I am so glad you all like it, Patricia, a lot was inspired by our lovely conversation the other day!
    Khulood, what pretty and unusual name, where is it from?
    I love Interior Design, it is still the sort of work I feel spanning many fields in life, incorporating many arts...and it's personal. I don't think of it as a luxury, but a necessary process of finding balance in our surroundings. It has such an effect on our well being.
    Good luck with your studies!

  5. What a lovely post. And, yes, the designs for the two dresses from my collection that you have so kindly featured were both inspired by their beautiful fabrics. Thank you.


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