Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter storm

Last night brought huge amounts of snow and ice and the sight this morning in truly amazing. Of course there is no school and we all dig ourselves out of the white...

This was last night around 5PM.

And now...

This morning around 10 AM...and it's still snowing!

Hope it's manageable where you are!

Victoria, who dreams a bit of a sunny island...

Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Unreal....I live in the mountains of Canada and it usually looks like that too.... but this year we are basking in sunshine and our snow is almost all gone. Weird! I miss the sports but not the digging out! It does have a magic though...the quiet of snowfall.

  2. Wow! It´s incredible that account of snow covering the car! Here today
    it´s sunny and quite warm for february.
    I hope you are all well and warm
    Kss for the weekend.

  3. Luscious and lovely. Here I frowned because I had to put on a light sweater :)London was sunny and chilly sweetie, I think I prefer yours though!

  4. It sure looks pretty, but we discovered much damage on our trees, half of our magnolia came down with enormous crash this morning and we have been cutting and pulling tree pieces to free the smashed bushes underneath...
    Well, it's the gardener's labor of love!
    Hope the spring will bring new growth and it will be once again beautiful!

    Victoria, tired...

  5. We went to the mountain, and there was 6 ft of snow!!!


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