Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up the walls

There are so many ways to treat walls around you, simply paint or let it peel in a bohemian way! Hang artwork - gallery style, pack them with books, leave them empty or put up glorious wallpaper.
You might have guessed it - I love wallpapers. Not always, but in many places. It brings depth to walls, becomes a player in the game of layering...
You can coordinate it with your decor or juxtapose it, make it the highlight or let it fade into the background. Today exist so many different styles, it might be overwhelming at first as where to start. But with some guidance and some information it should be a lot of fun. Especially when you work with existing patterns and textures in any given room ask yourself how a wallpaper can enhance the color scheme or how you could add interest. If you are new to all the wallpaper options, maybe choose a powder room or perhaps a dressing room. There you can easily add some color, pattern or texture.
It is a wonderful chance to play!

When you scroll down, the dining room with red painted chandelier and lime green papered walls belongs to our house...

Above all wallpapers are by Designers Guild, the industrial chic library via Elle Decor. The pretty dining room with trees growing up the walls belongs to designer Cynthia Rowley.

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