Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soul food

Being in Nyack, one of the river towns along the Hudson, always gives me so much I walked in different neighborhoods and took pictures of some pretty homes. This town has an incredible charm and a faded elegance of times past.
Spring, flowers and the first green make it even easier to find beautiful corners everywhere and I saw much building and restoring activity. This is a good thing to see at times, when many small businesses have to close! I spoke to a few shop owners and all try to hang on to their clientele and hope to survive the change of spending habits amongst the customers...
One of the fresh new places on South Broadway is an unique vintage shop/eatery combination which made it obviously into the hearts of many very quickly.
True Foods/revive! has so many things going for it: Charm,charm, charm, the sweetest owners you can talk to on a big communal table, excellent home style cooked food with a little exotic touch, lovely German style bread, some baked goodies and an assortment of healthy drinks, coffee and tees. All is served over the counter and you mingle with other customers. You can take in different artwork while eating and find yourself submerged in vintage feel and touch at the other side of the shop, where lovely clothes from small Brooklyn labels to fabulous costume jewelery can be found. All the while there is coming and going and a comfortable atmosphere. Lovely!

Look at these wonderful homes...

All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski in Nyack,NY!


  1. Hi!

    It must have been a wonderful day.


  2. When I was a young bride, I lived in Ossining! We used to corss the river to Nyack to go antiquie-ing, and have lunch!
    Your pretty pictures brought back many good memories of the beauty of that part of New York.
    Here in the South we have an early Spring, but we don't have all the flowering trees like dogwood and forsythia and apple and lilac...
    xo xo


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