Friday, April 24, 2009

Ode to Berlin

The Berlin tv tower, former East Berlin's symbol of potency (!) has by now become beloved by all. The pictures below where taken by me last spring from exactly there. The day had been hazy, there was not a perfect visibility.

Above the view in to the Oranienburger Strasse, you can see the golden dom of the newly restored Berliner synagogue.

I love Berlin. I've never lived there, but I visit very often. My oldest two sons live and study in Berlin, very good friends are there and it reminds me every time I arrive there of my childhood. You need to know that I grew up in the 60's and 70's in Dresden, East Germany. The country does not exist anymore, but bits and pieces of lost places, the atmosphere, the colors and the smells I still find here and there in Berlin. I know it is very sentimental, but I cling to it, it gives me a warm feeling of being back home at mother's kitchen table...(my parents moved away from former East Germany long ago)
Berlin is now the capital of Germany again since the re-unification of the divided parts after the Second World War and a lot of money has been invested in its reconstruction. Berlin has become a beautiful city. But what I love the most are the old Berlin living quarters, whole neighborhoods of 19Th century housing complexes with tall buildings, consisting of many court yards and connected in blocks. Gardens are hidden there for the recreation of the tenants. The houses have been mostly brought back to their old splendor and still make out the majority of living places for the regular Berliner. Families, students, retired folks live there and it has not lost its charm.
Berlin is a very green city, parks, tree lined streets and quiet oasis are to be found even in the center of it.
Well, there is so much more to the city then I can tell you in a few sentences. Germany's capital is modern, young, at the same time very classic and colorful. Berlin has countless museums and fantastic shopping. Canals, lakes and the Spree river lend charm to the city, there is nature all around. Go and visit one day!
The boys gave me recently a lovely pocket Taschen book of Berlin homes and I let you have a glimpse inside...

I love the large double windows in Berlin houses.

In many of the court yards you can find galleries or outdoor beer gardens!

A beautiful villa somewhere in Berlin.

What a great library and handsome Bluethner grand piano!

These are images I remember from my childhood. Many people lived like that in East Germany.

Almost hip again...

An old picture taken probably in the 1920's in Berlin and even in my childhood 40 years later it was that gray, but we had fun being out there no matter what!

I wish you all a great weekend, sunshine where ever you are!


City pictures by V.Zlotkowski, all other from Taschen book 'Berlin Style'


  1. hey, beautifully written. you really have to come back here soon and we'll wander around the city streets day and night.
    also, it's fabulous to see, that this book really turned out to be a good read (or shall i say "look").

    btw. check out this link. there are plenty of hgtv shows on youtube. and i figured some of it might be interesting for your blog as well...

    big kiss from your BERLINER



  3. and one more thing... i LOVE LOVE LOVE that new photo of yours!! sweet!
    : )

  4. ooh. du siehst so schön aus auf dem neuen foto! da hat der eugen recht.
    und dieser post hier über die stadt der städte, der ist toll!
    habt alle ein schönes wochenende. ich fahr heute zum geburtstag meiner eltern nach hause :))

  5. De ahhhlaladeco:What a nice photos!!!. would you like to put us like favorites blogs.
    Have a nice weekend


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