Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My dream spaces...

My blog serves me in so many ways, one is to show you and myself what I am drawn to, which colors and rooms make me sigh with joy, what my dream home would look like. This house needs to be large since I have many moods and all need a place to roam!
I love colors, contrast, living plants and flowers, artwork, natural objects, organic flow and a bohemian feel.

This also shows, that there is quite a gap between my house of delights and my work reality ...
I think many designer/decorators face the same situation.Or dilemma...
How much do we want to put our stamp on our work? Are we hired for our particular style (the lucky ones, or the ones who have proven their visions to be worthy of some repeat?), or are we supposed to fulfill someone elses dream? What is expected of us? Ideally we meet somewhere in the middle and the designer/client relationship is based on deep trust and an admiration for mutual ideas. We sometimes have to turn into psychologists, couple's counselor and mediator between parents and children and often become friends.
From my own expirience trust is the first and formost quality. Getting to know as many aspects of your clients lifestyle is another. Having an impeccable work ethic. One of the things I've learned is the ability to compromise. Spending time talking and figuring out exact needs is very importend to me. Only then I begin to think of color swatches and layouts.

Well, but for myself I dream and don't have to worry about compromises yet!
These images are a sheer pleasure ride and I enjoy sharing them with you.

Pictures via my own (1), HouseBeautiful,, housetohome, stylebeat, desiretoinspire, CotedeTexas, Designers Guild
If I forgot to mention any source I appologize!


  1. Thanks for the blog comments.

    I think houses have personalities. When we move into a home we merge our personality with the personality of our house.

    When we moved to this farm 30 years ago it had harvest gold paint on the outside, rust carpet in the living room and one bedroom, and a way too small kitchen. I liked very little about the house. Did I mention that part of the wood was pickled and part varnished. It drove me crazy that the doors were all varnished and the rest of the woodwork was pickled. The list of dislikes goes on and on.

    After living in a new home where I had been able to pick out paint, wallpaper and carpet this was not to my liking.

    Starting out, we did not have a lot of money to be spent on the house. We needed things like tractors, plow, disk, livestock and all sorts of equipment. Slowly the house has become nicer and more comfortable. Almost 20 years ago we remodeled and added on to our home. Now it is time to replace a lot of what we did then. Yet we are dreaming about retirement and so choose to save rather than update most of the time.

    I just wanted to say I have many homes in my dreams yet I hope the one I live in is the best of my dreams I can afford.

  2. Rebecca, believe me, I feel it as much as you do, we have children with lots of needs, all family in Europe and did I tell you that my husband and I started out in this country with nothing then our suitcases???


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