Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Living with green

I have always wished for a garden room or conservatory, a place where sunshine and light will do miracles, year round green and blooming. I love the humid air of green houses, the promise of summer days and fertility. Spring is such time of renewal, a time to get ready for the next garden season.
I found so many lovely examples for green rooms as well as smaller garden rooms. They add a new dimension and romance to any garden and can be fairly small or as large to house your garden parties in style.
Pool houses can be transferred into summer living rooms and there is no end for your styling ideas. It can be a place to write or read, a small studio for crafts and art, a place to sit with friends over a glass of wine and contemplate the star constellations....a romantic getaway ...a... fill in the blank!

I know many people who are a little intimidated by the idea of gardening or feel not to have a green thumb. There is good news: You do not have to be a skilled gardener to enjoy such a place. You can plant easy to care for bushes, perennials, evergreens and topiary, they will need only minimum care and as you go along, you'll learn one thing or other. Stick to native plants, they will thrive in your area and you'll have not to much work with it. Containers will give you some variety and local nurseries and garden centers are a great place to find advise and support.
Gardens are the extensions of our homes, build around your color scheme or living style, be it modern and minimalistic or romantic shabby chic, all white or an eclectic mix. There is only one rule: Have fun!

Al pictures via housetohome.co.uk

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  1. Conservatories make a great addition to any home and garden, consider how your garden conservatory will be used so you can choose the design that will be the most conducive to your current needs as well as your needs for the future.


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