Monday, April 20, 2009

Project 2008 - 2009

I was called fairly late into this project, the owners had started out renovating this house after a move from abroad and somewhere along the way got a bit stuck.
It seemed overwhelming to pull everything together since most of the furniture had to be bought. Paint selections had to be made, bathrooms and kitchen installed. There were no carpets or more then basic lightfixtures, no window decoration, artwork or decorative items such as vases, candle holders or pillows and throws.
Together we sorted through everything and created a master plan to work by. We worked out a budget and a time line. Since the owners had just painted we decided to work with it and create the rooms around the existing color scheme.

The hallway got a small sideboard, a table lamp and dramatic mirror, baskets for storage and a runner underfoot.

Like with many older homes this one too had been converted to modern living standards and has an open floorplan. Views from one room to the next are importent and we paid attention to such details.

Living room

Sofa and chairs had been ordered before I started working and we found a focal point in the architectual rather bland living room: We installed a fire place and floating shelves. Additional literally everything else in the room. The husband is British and we build our decorating scheme around the idea of an English inspired living room.

The painting was a custom order and depicts an old English landscape.

The three prints above the mantle and shelves are reproductions of famous English country estates.

We found the mantle clock in a wonderfully stocked clock shop in Nyack, NY. It has a lovely hourly Westminster chime.

The reading chair with footstool has become the most popular place in the house...
A floor lamp and a small mirrored side table complete the cozy corner.

Some of the details: Wall scones...

candle holders...

and a lovely Chinese lacker box.

Dining room

Table, chairs and break front had just been bought by the owners and provided the beautiful base for the reminding pieces in the room. The space is rather tight for a dining room and we balanced the right side with floating shelves, which are useful to set down glasses, bottles or dishes when entertaining. They are slim enough to allow access to the deck.

The round chandelier is a nice departure from all the angular shapes in the room.

The Tiffany style lamp cast a warm glow in the room and illuminates the gorgeous curtains.

The small table was a lucky find in a midcentury vintage shop, we had it refreshed and it fits perfectly to our lamp.

The hurricanes sit atop the dining table.

Daughters bedroom

Again walls had been painted, furniture existed, I brought in the yellow carpet to balance out the cool purple wall color and the northern exposure. All shelves, chair and bedside table are white to freshen the look and bring in the girlie aspects...

Some curtains soften the windows and frame the garden view.

This has been a wonderful work relationship and as you may noticed, it is not finished yet. Usually I consider projects not finished since rooms are supposed to change along with the people who live in them. I merely give them a starting point.

All interior decorating and pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. schöne sachen... welches projekt ist das jetzt?




  2. Great job you did with the existing furniture!! I have found that the more spaces I get where I can create from nothing means I've come a long way in the decorating world! There's a lot of this though in between! Thanks for walking us through your project!

  3. Thank you, yes I hope I will get there too one day, but in the meantime I love what I doing!
    Victoria :)


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