Thursday, April 9, 2009

On a walk

The sunshine beckoned and we followed with a bike ride to one of the neighboring towns: Bronxville.
Many times I have been visiting that rather small town center and every time I'm finding things to do, buy or just to look at. It is a place with vitality, always fun and fashionable. A cinema, sweet small bookstore, lovely fashion boutiques, some antique shops, good restaurants; you see what I mean. More then just a bank and five real estate offices...well that too!
Today I went window shopping, one of those things I simply love doing. For the obvious reasons I deposited husband and son at the ice cream parlor, kissed them good bye and went off with my trusted camera...
One of the first shops that caught my eye was 'SilverSpoon', small but well stocked with baby and young children's outfits to dye for and with all the whimsical trimmings you are looking for when you want to spoil a favorite little one.
I could not resist the dresses, something which my only (tween) daughter unfortunatly left far behind in favor of ripped jeans....

The 'SilverSpoon' 81 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY 914.771.7645

All pictures by V.Zlotkowski

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