Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden plans 2008/2009

This is the front entrance, we created the new railing and all small plantings. The tree you see to the left fell on the day we finished our plantings in an enormous storm....

A bit of a close up, same view.

This is along the path towards the entrance, the fountain is still to come...

Here behind the house a large patio. Grill place and bench to the left.

Seating area to the right.

I have been musing about garden rooms, indoors and out. Last year I designed new plantings and arrangements in a garden for one of my clients and I wanted to show you my ideas. The garden had been overgrown and sparingly planted, so we decided to remove several old bushes and trees, build new beds around the patio area and created a new entrance ensemble. We incorporated almost all of the original plans, some changes have been made, but we'll continue this year. I will post pictures of the garden a little later.
When I did these renderings, I had no idea that I would write a blog a year later. Unfortunately they are a bit soft and don't show so well...

All renderings by V. Zlotkowski


  1. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the blog comment. It made my day. I just got in from doing some garden work and picking up gravel that migrated to the lawn when we used the snow blower this winter.
    Hannah is our granddaughter. She is the second grandkid out of four. I could not agree more about keeping them innocent. She is growing up more quickly than her 15 year old sister did. She wants nothing to do with little girls stuff. But she and her sister did play Polly Pockets with her seven year old Australian cousin at Christmas time.
    With your blog I have another one to explore. I am afraid I could spend my whole day exploring the different blogs.


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