Friday, April 17, 2009


Reading has been my passion, my occasional refuge and my way of relaxing since my early days of girlhood. To tell you that I am very much attracted to beautiful covers is an understatement, I probably skip books worth reading, if I do not like their covers. The old saying not to judge a book by its cover holds in that direct way of thinking little meaning for me.( I deal differently with people...)
I love beautiful books. When I can afford it I buy hardcovers, I love art books, design books, children's books, books.... nothing gives me more joy then to walk into a well appointed home library. Which gives me the idea to write and search for some great libraries, but that will have to be a new posting! (I very much loved Alexandra Wentworth' library, featured in Elle Decor, see my post 'Eye candy')
Here are some of the books which have caught my eye over the last couple of days, I am sure I will eventually read all of them!
The first I actually recommended to Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things, it takes place in England and Australia, begins in 1913 and I believe it ends somewhere in the presence? In a nutshell its the story of an abandoned little girl, arriving in Sidney with virtually nothing but a book of fairy tales...

'Pictures At An Exhibition' is about an art dealer(the father) and his son at the onset of World War II, takes place in France and we're witnessing their struggles to safe their paintings and the search for them in the aftermath of the Nazi occupation. There is of course more to it, a love story, a story to find ones ways... I can't wait to get my hands on this book.

This one I just recently discovered as a BBC mini series (I love movies almost as much as books..) and was hooked. It tells the story of a young World War I veteran who starts out as a teacher at a prestigious boarding school in England. Wonderful, I gave it to my 18 year old son who spent two years in England at a boarding school, he loved it. Not much has apparently changed since then....

This one does not need an explanation, just open it! Grreat!

Of course the cover....just kidding, England /India in the 19Th century. Twins, separated by a mean father. Read the rest!

I guess you know what I will do with my weekend after my daughter's birthday bash in the garden...

Have a lovely weekend!

Al pictures taken at the book store by V. Zlotkowski

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