Sunday, April 12, 2009


Uohh, I love magazines, particularly of course design and decorating related ones and I can spend many an afternoon or night in a bookstore and browse, read, photograph and I would love to take them all home with me. But this is impossible, lack of funds and time and space prohibit such ideas in the first place. Well, there is always reading and this is what I do extensively. There are writers, who have been known to live and work in bookstores, I must be the decorator who resides there like in a second home; some people have country houses...
Many of the pictures I take come from such sources, hence the bad quality, I do not take any credit, these are images I love and want to share with you.
These are gorgeous, fantastic spaces, by talented people, I admire all their creativity.

Al pictures snatched from various magazines by V.Zlotkowski

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