Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter welcome

A clear morning today was helpful to make us clean out the garden and later we began to decorate for Easter. We love to celebrate spring and my husband's Polish Easter traditions are all mixed with mine from Germany.
Usually we find our bunny family on the window ledge, some sweets, brunches and flowers as well.

But mostly we wait until Easter Sunday. Easter breakfast is absolutely special and we have colorful eggs, chocolate eggs and a bunny cake, hmmm!
The night before the children dye hard boiled eggs and we always try to find some new ways to decorate them. This year we might dip them in wax and scrape away patterns, then they get colored...
And we will have an Easter egg hunt in the garden.
Welcome Spring!

Happy Holidays to you all! May it be a peaceful and invigorating time!


All pictures by V. Zlotkowski

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