Monday, April 27, 2009

Modern interiors

Over the last weeks I have shown you rooms and places I love and I've realized, that I neglected modern design options a little bit. I am as much drawn to modern rooms, furniture and architecture as to beautiful traditional or modern country. My absolute favorite rooms are eclectic, they mix colors and styles effortless.
Which rooms lend themselves to an introduction of modern? Apart from kitchens and bathrooms you could begin with the master bedroom, even with, for exemple, a traditional four poster bed start with an updated colors scheme, modern linens, contemporary bedside lamps or modern dresser. Your window decoration can play a leading role in the eclectic play. Yor artwork can set the tone as well.
If you like the outcome work your imagination in you living or dining room. Childrens spaces are great for toying with modern ways! Usually one can start there with more contemporary colors since they let all the gadgets blend in better...
Be playful and trust you inner voice, I often feel if you like something, it will fit in, try to connect within each room through colors, or shapes. Juxtapose pieces: modern table, classic chairs. Traditional carpet and ulta modern sofa...
Buy the best quality you can afford, it will show in wear and lasts you longer.
Changing furniture sets every couple of years does not satisfy my sense of creating a home nor makes it sense in an economical way.
Edit, select carefully and build up, a great home grows with you!

I love the modern classic curved sofa in blue by Vladimir Kagan...

I adore such clean lines and clutter free spaces!
But I am a hopeless collector, I simply could not pull it off!

Bathroom and kitchen are just perfect!

I can see Panelite's cafe table in many situations, a small kitchen, on a balcony, a dorm dinner table...

All these pictures via housetohome, Metropolitan Home, Elle Deco, flickr, Cotedetexas and Designers Guild! Thank you!


  1. i like those designs..especially the living room style..:)

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  3. Ooh this is fabulous! Cool Interiors and decoration ideas for your home.


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