Monday, June 28, 2010

The heat of the day

I love the languid feel of the heat of the day, the shades are drawn, the fan is humming and a soft warm breeze runs through the house. Windows are open and ever so often I hear some birds or occasional car passing by, otherwise it's still.

On my table sits a glass of ice cold lemonade waiting for me, pearls of water running down its sides. I will just finish this sentence!
Later we will prepare for an afternoon poolside, some good reading material, fresh cut fruits and lots of water...

My son turns into a fish and I must wait a while for him to transform back into the son I can take home with me.

Our girl has disappeared with her girlfriends, they share bedrooms and activities and we have not seen her since Saturday....
Oh the fun of being 13 and living in the embrace of the group...

School is out!

This morning I heard the crickets the first time and I love their noise! Our son picked one up yesterday, stranded on her back on the driveway. He was amazed at the size. We put her on a tree and hope she will survive!

Tomorrow begins the count down for our summer vacation, our son will spend his days until then in our local camp and I can begin to sort and pack and get ready to squeeze six weeks worth of travel into 50 lbs of luggage per head....

I love to prepare for this, it gives me a wonderful feeling of getting ready and in my mind I am already there, thinking my way into this summer life in Germany and Italy!

The Main river in Volkach, Bavaria where my parents celebrate 50 years of marriage with all of us!

We will visit the Alpen region near Bad Toelz. The town in southern Germany has thermal springs with a wonderful spa.

And eventually we will stay for some time in Tuscany in Italy! We can't wait!
I will try and post semi regularly from our travels, I might not comment on your lovely blogs, but I promise to read here and there my many favorites....

Summer is the time to re-coup and relax and we try to just do that! We fill our batteries with summer energy, warmth and impressions to last the coming year!
Wishing you all the same wonderful time over the next couple of weeks!


All pictures by Victoria Zlotkowski, cricket as indicated, trunk via etsy Topsydesign, landscapes via google images.


  1. Ah, you must be excited to visit Bavaria. Your pictures whisper such happy memories. Prepare for heat in Germany, my dear. It's so HOT here.... I need a sip of that drink you have there;-)
    Love xx

  2. What a wonderful vacation you have planned -- I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  3. I know how excited you are for this time, to see your sons, your parents and for your families to share one another. Enjoy, re-lax and come back revived and full of good things to share.
    Good luck packing.

  4. Your travel plans sound amazing! Can't wait to hear more (and see too!)

  5. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with your travel. My dear, I didn't know you like E. Jane Howard's novels. The Cazalets Chronicles by her is one of my all time favourites. I have all her books (including her autobiogrpahy) at home. I've been away (too busy with work) and I have a lot catching up to do with your posts!!

  6. I am so glad I do not bore you all too much with our plans... Just can't help myself, we are so excited about it all! ASD, I adore her books!!! I found this one at a library closeout sale for 50 cents. When I am back, I will look for the remaining parts...
    ~ V.

  7. How I wish I could share that ice cold lemonade, in the shade of a tree, on a hot summer day, with you.

    We are having such fun with our family.

  8. You have the most wonderful summer planned, Victoria, so jealous! Enjoy your time with family! Oh, I love that straw, when I was little I loved those straws, I swear they made everything taste better! XO!

  9. How exciting! I hope you have a great time in Italy. Summer is a wonderful time for travel. I'm very jealous! :) Enjoy your time with family!!

  10. i love summer time! while summer in europe was terrific, being home to celebrate 4th July with BBQs and lemonade is second to nowhere else in the world. enjoy your traveling adventures!


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