Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer freshness

Thinking of exotic locale always brings bedrooms filled with colors and textures to my mind. I found beautiful examples in the current Achitectural Digest and Canadian's House and Home magazines.

I do not remember, where I found the next two images, but I fell instantly in love with them!

And these two pretties are from Anthropologie....

I hope you find them as refreshing as I do!


Pictures via Architectural Digest, House and Home mag, Anthropologie and unknown sources.


  1. I just worked with a client who told me she spent a lot of time in her bedroom, it was her place to read and to retreat from a house full of boys.
    So the colors are peaceful and calming.
    I love bedrooms too.

  2. Wonderful examples of summer beds!
    Now I want to go take a nap.
    Unfortunately, I have guests coming for dinner!!

  3. Summer freshness in the bedchamber - how apt!
    My bedchamber is a mixture of peaceful and calming colours. Nice post, Victoria, am looking to re-decorate so these are useful ideas;-)

  4. Hello my dear, I want to live in picture no. 2, 3, and 4 - full of colours and boho-chic! oh my dear, you ought to see the summer bed in Ralph Lauren's website - it's like a dream xx (

  5. Hello,

    Glad you love our summer bedrooms! Feel free to link back to us at for other great examples of stylish bedrooms.


    Web Promotions Editor


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