Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show and tell

Nyack is one of my favorite destinations for walking and looking, getting garden inspirations and just having a good time by myself or with anyone who is willing to come along...
It's a lovely little town right on the Hudson, giving way to the most spectacular views over the river, pretty much across from were I live! A short ride takes me there.

I love the incredible small town charm, which is casually preserved without being in your face cute! A lively art community supports the style of hand made pieces, be it jewelry, clothing or antiques. One finds any style from Victorian to Mid Century, hip to classic. There are small cafes with creative menus, cozy and inviting restaurants and lots of nooks and crannies to discover!
This antique store gave me plenty to swoon over...check out the lovely Art Deco figurine and the handcarved polar bear!!! And those needle point dog pillows!

This Asian inspired shop 'Saffron' has many beautiful treasures, from Asian style furnture to handmade soaps and candles!

And I could not resist to show you this lovely place with its pretty lantern adorned tables...true to its name!

Scences like that can be found at every turn...

And being German I had to grin from ear to ear seeing this:

I am so going to eat there, quality control, LOL!
But before this happens, I pull you along a little further,
I found this and that lovely piece...

Those necklaces are handmade by a wonderful woman who owns a beautiful shop which I will introduce separately in a few days, since it is so fabulous and much more to say!
Now you must be exhausted and I take you to this little cafe, where we can have a cup of tea and a small bite...

Now a little walk along the pretty houses and gardens, laden with spring flowers...

Just to round the corner and to run into these flamingos...garded by those puppies...

Here is to small town diversity!

I hope you had fun to come along and perhaps you get inspired to visit a small town near you and marvel at its pretty sites!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Let's go! I love little towns that embrace quaintness and whimsy!

  2. Dear Victoria,

    So gorgeous. Today I thought of the Hudson River, for no reason at all... then you post this :) One day I hope we visit.

    Saffron looks so restful, I could roll in it. The graffiti is funfunfun and that "little" cafe is so pretty and 30's, what is it called? My kind of place to enjoy. Thank you for sharing a new thing dear.

  3. Love little towns like's the charm of the East coast! Great pictures!

  4. What a great little town! I love the shops and it sounds like it's at a great location.

  5. I love that you did a post on Nyack! I grew up in Rockland County, not too far from I know it well! I had to laugh that you called it a small town though..compared to where I live now, its a thriving metropolis! :)

  6. What a wonderful tour. My sister worked in a small theatre there many moons ago. She loved it. Thank you!


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