Friday, June 18, 2010

Etsy love

Book Art via EartArt. I love it!

Since I found Etsy I have enjoyed looking through many sites, found many sellers I love and have tried here and there things as gifts or useful for ourselves. I love the abundance of individual, vintage and often handmade pieces, clothing, jewelry, pottery, one of a kind furniture or artworks.... The list is long.
Today I take you to a few of the sites I found note worthy!
Let's get started!

Who has the time?

In order by seller imotime and mbartstudios.
And these small pretty things to decorate or use at tea time...

I absolutely love this tea or coffee pot. So gorgeous and the gunmetal glaze is very beautiful!
Porcelain bottle through etsyseller PigeonToeceramics, birds via redhotpottery and tea pot from juditavill.

I love a pretty set table and these tablecloth below are handmade Russian linen. I bought a square one in blue with 8 matching napkins for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this summer. I have it embroidered with their initials and I wish they will hopefully have still many years of use for it!

Via estsy seller tablecloths!
And speaking of pretty linen I love these pillows and small linen containers:
Via WillaSkyeHome and eNanoo!

And look at these cute, environmentally friendly lunch pouches...From TheSilverBobbin!
The following can find a home in a stylish home office!

At babableu!
Which gets me thinking towards prints and letterpress items:

Via Sycamorestreetpress.
I love birds and can hardly resist these lovely prints as well!


Via Sooooound!
And this little key chain flew all the way from London from the lovely Melanie of fourandplenty! It will go with me on our trip to Italy!!!

Then there is jewelry, so much, I just pick a few...

Via AllThingsTinsel and Cocosgreenhouse! Aren't those etsy seller's names fun? I love what sprouts in Coco's greenhouse!
And then there is fashion! More then I can get my mind around and it takes a bit to find the things I like!
But here are some of my favorites!

From 13threads! You have such pretty pieces! J'adore!

And Prizesebastian's dresses are fabulous!

Both above via YongS.

This one fascinates me with it's sparkling color and adornment! From the talented seller RawHemline.
And last but not least furniture!

Something rough and tumble via PunctureBags.

Fun from fabulousmess!
And how about the little parade for a nursery?

Via ellynelly!
And this stool had me at hello!!!

And below will conclude my travels through Etsy:

Woodguy32 has steampunk on his mind!!!

I hope you've got inspired and find your treasures on Etsy next time you go and look!


Pictures all through mentioned etsy sellers!


  1. Just yesterday, a dear friend phoned to discuss "steampunk!" I love it.
    You always delight with fun things.

  2. Merci beaucoup, Victoria! This is an amazing list of new finds. I, especially, love the Book Art. Thanks again for the kind mention Victoria. Have a great weekend x

  3. love the blue dress :P


  4. First of all, thanks for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it and the support! :)

    I completely agree. Etsy is wonderful. There's so much you can find here that will fit your taste and you can't find it anywhere else. I love it. I've purchased most of my birthday gifts for my girlfriends from there.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Such gorgeous stuff! We have that oatmeal container in our kitchen, I wonder if I could make a clock out of it! The dresses are gorgeous, I never think about Etsy for clothing, clearly I should! XO!

  6. Loving those pink chairs! Have a lovely weekend! x

  7. What an inspiring post. I need to hang out at Etsy a little more. I'm going to go find that owl clock right away.

  8. beautiful clothing links! i get so overwhelmed by etsy if i'm not looking for one exact item, so i really appreciate being directed to specific stores!


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