Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday chat

Small changes sometimes turn out to have great impact and I felt this way after my lucky purchase of this jute mat for our music/living Home Goods!
I love this room. We we had put down a cow hide in the winter. But what seemed lovely then looks too dark for my mood now in spring and summer.



It's sheer coincidence that the window shades carry a similar striped pattern as the floor mat...

Suddenly the room feels larger and the cow hide moved over the ottoman, which is the sole domaine of Oscar, our dog. He now blends in so well that we have to look twice to make sure not to miss him...

Last night! It was rather a cool evening and we curled up to some reading and chatting...Do you barely see him lying on the ottoman? Perfectly camouflaged...

I added this pretty pillow with bird embroidery from Pier 1. Love it!

Yesterday I found this old calender leave from May 1962 at a tiny antique store for $4, depicting an old print of Sunnyside, the home of Washington Irving which is only a few miles from where we live. We love the house and gardens there and visit fairly often.

It's a lovely spot overlooking the Hudson. The print turns out to be a reproduction of a lithograph by Currier and Ives. They were a successful printing firm in new York in the 19Th century. I love to discover such stories and feel a deeper connection to artwork when I know such things...

By the way, right next to it sits Lyndhorst, another majestic estate now in the care of the the National Historic Trust, ones the stately home of the Jay Gould family among a few others.
And that small glass cloche next to the print? Do you see it? I found this as well a few weeks ago in shop in town...

It now protects my small Etruscan bronze figure, the one I brought home many years ago from my first visit to Italy in 1985...EXCUSE ME?
Can it be true? 25 years ago?
Which is amazing enough but this year will bring us back there, this time it will be a large entourage of us, the children, grand parents and friends...
A couple of weeks and we are off to Italy! We can't wait!

Oh, la dolce vita!
I promise, I will post on our adventures!

How did I get here from the small changes in my living room? Oh well....:)


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski, Italian landscape via google image.


  1. I love the cow hide! I would love to have one. But I also love that you change your rooms for the seasons- they aren't stagnant. Italia Italia! How exciting! (and the Euro is so great right now!)

  2. The cow hide and bird pillow are so great! Know that Headless Horsemen abode well!

  3. I love the use of red in your room. I favor oil paintings that have a splash of red. It seems to add vitality.

  4. I love the new items! And how you used colors in the room. I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  5. I'm very excited about your holiday my dear! Your room is such a bright sunny room (Jonathan Adler would approve of this kind of unique decor :) Etruscan figure is a perfect finishing touch!


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