Saturday, June 5, 2010


I love Maira Kalman's witty, smart and funny illustrations, her humor and charm!

A comprehensive collection of the imaginative works of illustrator, author and designer Maira Kalman, bound to captivate any reader. Take a glimpse into Kalman's unique perspective of the prismatic nature of our world with this chronicle of her paintings, drawings, sketchbook pages, photographs, journal entries and even her newest endeavor - embroidery.

Others have written intensively about Gray Gardens, so I will refrain from it and just give you the summary of this book!
An all-inclusive companion to the legendary 1975 documentary of the same name, containing illustrations, photographs, film stills, production notes and transcripts of Big and Little Edie Beale. Edited by Sara and Rebekah Maysles, daughters of the cinema verite pioneer and Grey Gardens filmmaker Albert Maysles.

And how about such a book purse for the serious reader???

Perhaps to carry Kindle, Nook and co?

They have the humor of Kalman and the quirkiness of Gray Gardens...And retro style!


Pictures via Anthropologie (books) and book purses via etsy seller prettytheory.


  1. Maira is my mentor. I hope to meet her one day.
    I love the mural she painted at Wave Hill. We should go there one day!
    Have you ever been?

  2. oh, those book bags - make me wish I were a librarian! Really love those.

  3. I would love to read Maira's book, and those bags!! Love them!

    Art by Karena

  4. I haven't heard of Maira before, thank you for introducing her. I like the purses! That might be a great gift for a friend of mine, too!

  5. Gorgeous details! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! x


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