Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Here is to you, PAPA!

We want to thank you for being a great Papa! You play soccer with us and tennis and hang out with us, you wait late hours to pick me up from parties (L.), you work hard so we can get all these gadgets and vacation and all....

You help us with school stuff and homework, you massage us almost every night, you clean the garden and walk Oscar with us, you go on bike rides with us, you are generous with allowance....You are funny and make jokes! You play guitar and chess with us! You always talk with us about everything!WE LOVE YOU!
L.& T. and E.& A.

And I am so thankful too, my love! You are the best Father I can think of!



  1. Lovely post for a lovely man and Father of your wonderful children, what more can we ask for? Happy day to you all.

  2. fathers are the best- the world needs more fathers like your husband and my father! i had to make a very long distance call to mine today!

  3. That's so sweet. He sounds like a wonderful Father. I'm remembering my Dad too, it's sad being away from home.

  4. My first comment got lost. Gosh I hate it when I make that kind of error.

    A good father/husband is a wonderful thing to enjoy and treasure. Your tribute to the one in your life was a joy to read.

    I have been doing some writing - unposted as yet about my father. Just stories and things I want to pass on to the next generation.

    Your trip to see you sons and in-laws will certainly be a joy for your family. Where do your in-laws live? Germany too?

    Your blog buddy

  5. What a sweet family you have!


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