Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday bash

June 17th is a special day, which my oldest son shares with an extraordinary group of people: Charles Eames, M.C.Escher, Igor Stravinsky, Ferdinand Freiligrath (among a few others, I guess...)

Happy Birthday, my love, your are in good company! They surely are an inspiration to you and with your artisic talent you fit in this line up....Franz List was so inspired by Freilgrath's poem
"O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst" and set it to music and composed the famous 'Liebestraeume #3.
Today this wonderful piece is dedicated to you, may you receive love and may you share your generous love always!

I am so happy today thinking of you and a little sad, since you are way to far and I miss you, as always...
We can't wait to see you so very soon, we all miss you and hope you will spend this day in great spirit! I am sure all around you will celebrate you as you deserve it!!!
We know you are in the last strenuous part of your studies for this semester and we hope you finish well and to your satisfaction (we have no doubt)!
Stay healthy and strong in this coming year and may your deepest dreams come true!

Many hugs and kisses for you today! Happy Birthday!
We all love you!

~ Mama and the gang!


  1. Oh, Victoria, this post is from the heart of a mother. Happy Birthday to your eldest son. He is so good looking and he looks in excellent health, too. I adore Franz Liszt by the way;-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your special son! Enjoy the time with one another in these coming weeks. Celebrate!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. By his photo, he looks like a happy young man!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son. He shares the same birthday with one of my favourite composers.


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