Monday, June 21, 2010

Something borrowed

Something blue...And of course something white too!
Since it's June and many a happy bride walks down the isle this month I thought of a romantic bridal post with a few lovely finds, which would make me do it all over again in a heart beat!
Well, how about renewing the vows? What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Is it so overrated??? What's your take on it?

Love those, the dress as well as the head piece. Romantic and young!
I love those pieces too!

Also lovely for brides maids...
And this I adore!

And those J.Crew gowns are so lovely!

The Tatiana gown! The back it spectacular!
So sweet! The Swiss-dot enchante gown...

And the Augusta chiffon confection is to die for, don't you think? Brides anywhere?

Oh, happy wedding day!


Pictures in order from top down: 1,2 via etsy sellet loboheme, 3,4 etsy TheaStarr,5 etsy CRBoggsdesigns, 6 etsy untamedpetals, 7 etsy whichgoose, all others via J.Crew website.


  1. very beautiful and inspiring images!

    p.s dont forget to check out the giveaway contest on my blog.


  2. J. Crew does some classic gowns at a great price point. I think the wedding thing has become way overdone. It is so wonderful to see some smashing dressing at a reasonable price.

    Where all are you going on your family trip. Poland, Germany?

    Have a lovely day!


  3. In love with these headpieces! Very pretty.

  4. I never thought of headpieces like that, they're gorgeous! Weddings are so much fun :)


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