Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If the hue fits

Being at my local bookstore and sitting over ice tea, I began drooling over one of the latest books by one of my favorite interior designers: Kelly Wearstler! She is the epitome of urban chic, the trendsetter and independent thinker in interior design. She reinvents the rules and packs so much energy into her rooms, they are glamorous and livable, over the top and fabulous!
A quick paging results in serious dreaming and I put this book on my HAVE-TO-HAVE list of design books!

One could argue that perhaps only a few very wealthy lucky clients benefit from her enormous talent, but she is such an inspiration, many ideas can be incorporated in a lower budget or could be tweaked to fit!
Her talent shows as well in the vignettes she creates, lovingly assembled items with great impact!

This sculpture is particularly interesting to me, being a former midwife it spoke to me....

And the kitchen is beyond fabulous! Well, I am dreaming now!

A tour de force, but well worth it, right?


Pictures are all snatched from the book HUE by Kelly Wearstler. This link takes you to its sold at all major bookstores!


  1. wow a midwife, i had no idea! pregnant women fascinate me- on a micro personal and a macro community level, so i love the sculpture as well. and the kitchen! i can't look at the structure of it because of the beautiful glass domes housing sweets!
    i love her bold use of color; there is such a sense of playfulness. xox

  2. So - do you have that book? I would love to borrow it for a few hours. Kelly is a "tour de force" and her designs have such glamour!

  3. She is truly amazing, she and Ryan Korban are my favorite designers! I do my best to copy her look, it's hard on a budget, but you're right, there are definitely some ideas you can use! XO!

  4. Olá Vic!Adoro dar longas caminhadas pelo seu blog! volta cheia de ideias!Parabéns...Teu blog é a inspiração.

  5. It looks like a very interesting book indeed. I absolutely LOVE that kitchen! Thank you for sharing.

  6. I think it's lovely that you were a midwife. Thought of you today, glad you are submerging yourself in bookstores, favourite :)

  7. I love how you always have great designs to share. It's always a blur of colorful inspiration which has be pondering how I can bring some of that into my own life. I love every single design you've shared in this post!

  8. Ooh, I have to reread it! Am looking at in a totally different way now!


    ps - I'm SO happy you liked the laundry room!!

  9. Yes, completely well worth it! Kelly is so inspirational!

  10. A midwife - my great grandmother was a midwife - I learn more interesting things about you all the time.
    A very interesting book that I will have to look at some time. Her style is much too busy for my home but it is filled with inspiration.

    Warm wishes,

  11. Thank you, Victoria, for the introduction. Am at the bookshop this weekend. Must remember to have a look through this. from what I see here everything looks so inspirational. Her style has loads of colours, like a festival almost...
    Enjoy the weekend, sweetie;-)

  12. Victoria I adore her work, her sense of color and style. Fabulous!!

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    Art by Karena


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