Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walking in the rain

8:46 AM on the train, business had me walking in New York City after 9:15 AM today, rain puddled around my ankles, but the fun just to hop over splashes and looking at the windows while sprinting by at around 10:30 AM was worth every precious minute. Time is always of essence, I had to be back in suburbia to receive my son from soccer camp half past three sharp, so there was no time for lingering, since my appointment ate away the minutes I could enjoy...and my train back left at 1:25 PM!
But for what it's worth here some quick impressions from just one small area at the Upper East Side, Decorator's Way to be precise!

A quick pit stop at Le Pain Quotidien to dry up for a few minutes and gain energy for my walk and then just fun at windows and some shopping along the way.

And what I love the most...the effortless exercise of logging in block after block!

A small shop right before the bridge on 59 Th Street and 1st Ave had me drooling over carved stone mantels.

Plenty of chairs at Urban Outfitters...and a tile place full of amazing stuff...

Every window displayed lovely vignettes ready to move right in to...

Virtually flying by...Janus et Cie! Oh, No More Time!!!

And the back side of Bloomingdale's... should I or shouldn't I??? What the heck.... a quick run through the ground floor to the other side did not hurt at all!
Oh the scents and sighs...

and a try of the latest Chloe parfum (YES, please!) and a quick glance at the jewelry!
And off I am, getting the 6 train down to Grand Central.
By the way: The Conran Shop has moved to the ABC Store down near Union Square at Broadway and 17 Th Street! I found out the wet way...

Anyway, it was wonderful, stormy but fun and I guess the next visit is in the nearest future! I simply miss the inpressions, the sirens, the people rushing by, the endless change and the energy of 'my' city!

Reading my book on the train home gave me the rest I needed before the afternoon rush hour at home! (PS: It's wonderful, I can only recommend it)


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski, Barnes & Nobles (book) and Bloomingdale's web site (parfum).


  1. Victoria, I am so jealous! I spent two weeks in New York City (only my second visit) last year and I loved every minute and I can't wait to come back. I will think of New York city all day now. Thank you.

  2. looks like a fun day! Your bread pastry looks delicious! and I have been wanting to make it into the city (for me that's San Francisco!) to try a sample of the chloe perfume! good to hear that you recommend it!

  3. I lived in NYC for awhile and loved it. I miss it so much! This looks like a fun trip even in the rain. I am going in April and will have to check out these shops.


  4. What a fun window shopping trip -- thanks for taking us along for the ride!

    And that bread looks AMAZING.

  5. Great post. I heart NYC.
    Best wishes,

  6. The bread is Le Pain Quotidien's small brioche loaf, a single (generous) serving for the francophile in all of us....With a little bit of butter and/or jam it is irresistable!
    ;) Victoria


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