Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green please

It is wonderful that St.Patricks Day is celebrated with green colours and that it also happily coincides with the birthday of my lovely friend Patricia from PVE! It's her signature colour! Happy Birthday, darling! Why don't you all hop on over and give her your regards...

She's got talent and beauty inside and out! It's Patricia's Day! All the green below in your honor too!

And may you always follow your rainbow!

These pictures celebrate Ireland, the wonderful green island I have yet to visit, but is pretty much on top of my travel wish list! The landscape is so remarkable and there is a union between land, architecture and people! I have met so many wonderful Irish people, among them many of my friends, I love their passion, music, dance and traditions...
And I found great design!

I love those rooms above, which I visited through these wonderful books, rooms I admire because they are remarkable unique, stylish and filled with character!

Here are some more wonderful green things I found here and there, all befitting the green theme of St.Patrick's Day:

It's certainly fun to go green, celebrate the spirit of the Irish, the colour and my friend today!

All the best!


Pictures via PVE header, etsy seller wow wall (wall sticker), birds and glasses via Anthropologie - pictures by me, wonderful Irish landscape picture via Edward Dullard flickr stream, rainbow image via google image, interior image with artwork via Apartment therapy, all others via Wisteria and the rest my own.


  1. Love the green tumblers! Victoria, thanks again for the wonderful post you did for me :) I so appreciate it!


  2. My dear, what a lovely spring like colour. I love this kind of lawn green colour. I've never been to Ireland but I'd love to go. The second picture from Irish Homes looks so cosy..surrounded by paintings, colourful rugs and throws. It's right up my street. It's very bohemian!

  3. Oh how clever you are! How thrilled am I to be your friend.
    Just to think we met last fall via the blog land.
    Perhaps one day we will travel to a far away spot!

  4. Love all the green! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. I love that Library room. I can see myself spending a day in there, or maybe more! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your friend! I really like the cushion and, is that a flower pot? If so, I would love that too! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Green seems to show up when I am decorating. I never really think about just happens. I guess it is one of my favorite colors, in small doses of course.

    I love the images of Irish homes. Something so real and authentic about them~


  8. Hi! Another Westchester NY! (my mother is from Munchengladbach...)off to wish the lovely PVE a happy day! Thanks!

  9. Green kiss in saint Patrick day!!


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