Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday flowers and then some

This weekend brings rain around here, but this will not change my happy mood, since spring flowers are everywhere to be had and the calender points in the right direction....
I love daffodils and buy them often as long as they are available. They are the right spring messengers, little suns shining on my table!

And since you by now know all about my reading and book passions I have continued to add to my wonderful Penguin Classics cloth bound collection. I had posted here before on it and I can only stress the fact, how wonderful these books feel in my hands. It is such a pleasure to to feel them so solid and beautiful. And a bigger pleasure to read them...

These are the new ones, published in the coming month!

And to showcase the ones I have so far I found them a lovely spot on my desk, held in place by some special book ends... I had seen these for a long time at Barnes & Nobles and had pondered about a reason to acquire them, to be truthful most of our books are housed in large bookcases. So finally I gave myself a little treat and found them a place of honor. They were designed by Jonathan Adler for B & N.

Aren't they cute? This will be one long dog one day I am afraid... ;)

And while we are in this room, it is also the place where I do most of my bird watching, sitting at my desk I am practically close to see the garden and our table is always set for my winged little friends, who show up in bunches and delight us with their happy activity.

I love those guys, they are extremly shy and quick, developed a feeding order among themselves, usually the small gray white (slate coloured) Juncos come first, mingling with sparrows and chickadees, later the bluebirds show up, sometimes five, six at the time, some doves around on the ground and less often the woodpecker picks at a snack too. I see cardinals and wrens, it's showtime here in the winter...

And speaking of showtime: Dagny from the stylish blog Beautiful Living (in Norway) was so kind to ask me for a guest post which I gladly agreed to and she will publish it on this coming Monday! So please be so kind and visit her blog to read my post for her and you all!
This is such fun I and I am so happy for the chance to write for her!

So my dear friends, that's all for now! I wish you all a cozy weekend!



  1. My SIL gave me those dachshund bookends for Xmas and I love them!

    And the new titles for the Penguin series look great. Alice in Wonderland? Homer? Sign me up!

  2. Oh my God, these covers are to-die-for!! I could imagine holding the books and feeling the textures, such a delight!

    You have such an amazing guests! The birds are simply gorgeous *g*

    Have a great time!
    And a beautiful weekend!

  3. Have a really wonderful weekend Victoria, (I love those Penguin classics) xv.

  4. Dogs, Penguins, and birds all seem to get along so nicely at your place!
    Happy "wet" weekend!

  5. How lovely, you must get Alice's Adventures first :)

    That bookend is witty. I adore that you set the table for the birds and that they literally have a pecking order - now I know what that means in reality :) Peace, xxx.

    P.S. Schriebe mich.

  6. I also love the Penguin Classics! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  7. I'm here in the rain with you!! Hope to see you tonight Victoria!

  8. I love daffodils too, and your little friend are beatifull.

    Have great weekend

  9. What a happy, springy, post! Love those birds!
    Your book collection is fabulous. I love how you display them.

  10. Victoria, I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful advice and sweet support in all my decorating dilema's! You are so helpful and have steered me back from the abyss!

    I just picked up some lovely flowers from Trader Joe's too. My house is so much better with them in it. Rainy, yucky weekend here but looking forward to spring. Enjoyed seeing where you placed those great books. I too love watching the birds that come to my feeder everyday. I take tons of pictures of them! So beautiful~ Jamilyn

  11. Olá!! Sou sua seguidora! E adoro seu blog!!!!
    Goetaria que você visita-se meu novo blog.


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