Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1ST

The next few days we will be travelling, just for the remainders of the spring break. We are flying to Koh Samui, exploring Anchor for a few days and we will be staying at the Four Seasons.

This trip was a promotional gift after I wrote a very favorable post about this amazing hotel resort a couple of months ago.

On route my husband surprised me with a stay at the Verhaegen Hotel in Ghent, Belgium. A place simply not to be missed. Just have a look:

The garden view, I hope we can dine outside, since the weather promises to be wonderful!

I love the dining room with it's painted chair rail and happy colours.

Our dreamy suite!

I will post all about my experiences when I am back in a couple of days!


PS: I think Happy Fools Day is a day to dream up!

Pictures via Architectural Digest, May edition.


  1. haha, april fools indeed! (and its my little brother's birthday today! poor kid... :) )

  2. Corinna, I thought it was funny...

  3. Ahhhh Geeez! I was sitting here dreaming about your dream get-away! Takes me a while...
    Happy weekend~


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