Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stepping stones

After this winter I am in such a need to reinvent myself. I try to refocus on the way I live now, try to regain a foothold into healthier living, away from bacon and egg breakfasts and push myself to do some exercise. This is hard for me, since I absolutely loathe the gym and I haven't set foot in it in years. But I like to walk, ride my bike and play with my kids. Does this count?
I will have to take some steps. I just read in the Wall Street Journal this morning that now the general recommendation for daily exercise for middle aged woman is 1 (!)hour per day! Hmmm...well?
Stepping stones like these might help! They were made by my younger son and daughter, then 9 & 12, in our summer vacation in Gloucester, MA last year.

They tell me to take a breath of fresh air and to see the bright side of things!

To let the sun warm my heart and soul!

To be in harmony with myself!

To be playful and to smile!

And to be at peace with myself!

Here they are now, on our deck after the storm has passed, waiting to be laid in the ground! Which reminds me that gardening is wonderful exercise too! I do a lot of it!

Not only are these stones beautiful and a reminder of one of the most wonderful summers we have had together, they now also become ground stones for my spring renewal! Thank you children to help me find my center again...
Now I can go the extra mile(s)!

I wish you all renewed energy and a sunny outlook for this season!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Oh those are wonderful stepping stones.
    I too am working hard to challenge myself with the one hour of exercise.
    Perhaps we can "push" each other or "inspire" each other in this regard to refreshing our bodies and minds.

  2. Oh yes Patricia, I would love to do this!
    Let's move forward together!

  3. Those are beautiful stepping stones! I've been trying to exercise everyday too. It's difficult to get started but once you do, it gets easier!


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