Monday, March 22, 2010

City Mouse & Country Mouse...

Today I came across Doryn Wallach's new blog. Well, there is absolutely nothing mousy about her, I just played a little with the title of the children's book...

She is currently renovating her own family apartment in NYC. Expects her second child and is happy to have made the move from suburban Connecticut back to the city.
To be an accomplished interior designer surely helps! Check out her site and blog here! I am sure it wont take long for her to have a stream of followers to see her making progress!
It is so exciting to see our community grow! How much talent is out there everywhere!
And since she is expecting her second baby I found some baby quilts I loved...

via Etsy (tiptoe studio)

via Etsy (pwackets)

In the meantime I saw a couple of nice things and think you will like them too!
Remember this mirror (via Anthropologie) from a few post's back?

I found this...

It looks great!

And this chair prop in the latest Anthropologie catalog?

It is Tord Boontje's Shadowy chair...
He also designed these fixtures:

All through here.

Ups, I am running out of time....
Ten to Three! Good bye! I am off to school!


Pictures via Etsy shops (quilts), Traditional Home magazine, Unica home(lights and chair), (book), (clocks) and my own at Anthropologie.


  1. I love the very unique chandeliers designs. It looks stunning. Very elegant and it made the entire room very elegant.
    House plans

  2. The designs are very fresh and I love the colors it’s very summer like colors.

  3. Great finds. That mirror is truly gorgeous.

  4. Wow!!! I am amazed with the design its great.


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