Saturday, March 20, 2010

Early days of spring

How we all welcome those early days of spring, when the green leaves of daffodils and tulips, hyacinths and snowdrops, crocus and iris show their willingness to bloom again, make the dreary backyard new and beckon us to come outside...
We had our fair share of clean up, but now it's done and we are planing the new plantings of shrubs and evergreens.

Have a lovely weekend of early spring! (at least around here... :) )


All pictures by V. Zlotkowski from her garden.


  1. My Grandmother loved the Spring. I would pick her up for work early in the morning and she loved the green grass, she always remarked "Could it be any greener?" I do think I attribute my fondness for green to her. Spring is really magical, unless you suffer from allergies, then it can pose a problem.
    (like my son, aachool)

  2. So excited about the change in the weather...for the better! Spring has sprung in our yard too!

    Enjoy it all!


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