Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler has been for a long time on my radar and - of course - I know I am not alone. A few days ago I spend a good part of an evening looking through her book
'Inspired Interiors' and was again captivated by her enormous talent, her sense for colour combination and in particular scale and proportions. Her rooms not only come to life with the right choice of colours, but the relations between architecture, the drama of furniture in the space, the tension between circles and squares, the size of each piece make them such success!

Here the almost monochrome palette of creme and white gets a wonderful lift out of the ordinary by being punctuated with chartreuse, blue and bronze accents. See how the colour and size of the urn and the branches play off the size of the fireplace, highlight the art work and emphasize the scale of the room. The parallel arrangement of windows, sofas and stools is taken off balance with the side table near the fireplace and the lovely wingchair and the floor lamp!
Circular elements - stools, lucite tables create a nice counterpart to all the rectangular ones: windows, painting, sofas...! Ahh!

I love this room! Look how clever she plays with the arch outside the window and how she brings this element inside with the swirls in the mirror frame, the back of the dining chairs and the round shape of the table and yet she emphasizes the window panes in the large rectangular pattern of the curtains. Subtle, but stunning!

A very restrained palette, but all the right elements make this room anything but boring. Even though you may go to sleep here, it will not put you to sleep looking at it...Texture and pattern are set in motion in a calming and relaxing way!

Perhaps a Southern elegant home by the sea... look at the wonderful elements in this dining room, wood and shells, stripes and leaf pattern, the right scaled artwork in contrasting frames, the large, rather plain table and yet nothing looks plain at all . An elegant symphony of forms and light! The punches of turquoise are the icing on the cake!

The same room, from the opposite side, actually showing it being the large hall of this home. Genius! Just look at the wonderful arrangement of the turquoise vases on the sideboard!

She must love the over sized ottoman, she has used it in these two very different rooms in a slight variation of legs and pattern. Proof of the versatility of such a piece. Just see how repeated pattern create interest. May it be window frames, book cases or art work. The principle is the same.

I am so in love with this library! The blue behind the leather bound volumes, the height of the room, the modern leather chairs repeating the pattern and colours above, the small gilded mirror and the classic lines of the deep wood trim. Delectable!

The light, the light! It's all about these windows and the soft palette of the bed and it's surroundings. Quiet and pretty! Nothing gives me more comfort then these classic lines and calming tones of blue gray, soft white and taupe. Small details like the French gilded wood carving above the bed and the trim on the pillows make it perfect!

Two sides of a bathroom! Absolutely adore this one, can it get any better? Given the enormous space I assume there must be an anteroom just for towels and the necessary bathroom equipment...

This room sings eternal spring. From the windows framed by the curtains, throught flowering branches and large table to the slipper chair all is a melody of freshness. The scale is lovely and the eye wanders from the glass base of the lamp to the hurricane beneath! And she does it with three colours!

Even though my own palette is stronger and I love a quirky mix of furniture I cannot but adore her elegance and the perfect composition of her rooms. I am indeed inspired! I hope you are too!

Have a sunny weekend, it looks great out there!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski from Suzanne Kasler's book 'Inspired Interiors'.


  1. I love the sublime calm of her work. I would be so thrilled to wake up in that bed or even in that tub! Her use of color, pattern, texture is so soft spoken, nothing screams, only encourages a gentle spirit. I love that in a home. As I get older and wiser, I realize - it is about patina, age, softness, texture more than everything coordinating. Great designer!
    I may have to get this book!

  2. Love the bath tub...and the mirror...and the candles...and the soft, subtle colours. Gorgeous!

  3. She really is a great talent. I do like the bed in the photo I posted ages ago. Have you seen any fabrics similar to that that goes with the color palette in my living room?

  4. In response to your comment, I grew up in Chicago and this is my first year so far away from home so I miss it. I miss the hustle and bustle of the city and my family.

    I love circular shapes in furniture! Especially that chair with the loops in the backing in the 2nd photo. I also love the library!

  5. These rooms are to die for! I really love the library! That dark gray/blue in the back of the shelves is so great. I am getting ideas for my small bookshelves.

    Happy weekend~

  6. She is so talented! The images you posted are all so great. In love with those leather library chairs, have never seen anything like them.


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