Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest blogging

Today I am guest posting at Dagny's elegant blog Beautiful Living

This is the first time we've undertook this little adventure and I must say it has been great fun! Thank you Dagny, again!

So please click in her blog name above and visit the blog and my post!

Thank you all!

The last days have been crazy over here, we had the worst winter rain storm since we have moved to the neighborhood (10 years ago). As I write this in front of my window a huge tree at the neighbor's house, which had fallen on their summer porch is currently removed. Later we have our own crew coming to cut up our own big tree, fallen thank goodness only partially on someone else's roof!

No school here since we have still no power at the school, where a another tree ripped the power line.

Such enormous damage everywhere! The pictures do not show it really, every street is effected and the firefighters have been out all day and night to remove trunks from cars, streets, houses, pumping water from basements. Now Con Edison crews fixing power lines and plenty of garden cleanups!
But again, we have little to complain compare to the earthquake victims in Chile or other catastrophes in the world! We consider ourselves lucky!!! Having order back after two days of merely inconvenience is still something to be thankful for!

We've got power back last night after two days without and we realized how dependent our lives are to the amenities of warmth and electricity!
Neighbors were huddled in local bookstores, restaurants and coffee shops, not just to eat but to socialize, keep warm and to power their cell phones, computers. My daughter and her friends spend the morning doing their homework at the next Starbucks...while my little guy slept under thick blankets with 102.3 temperature!

Apart from the circumstances we manged to get some lovely moment out of it, playing Scrabble and making music by candle light. I got an almost real feeling of living in the 18Th Century!!! It was rather romantic, but to hear the winds howling and the trees cracking was very scary!

I had hoped to meet with Maria Killam of Colour me Happy in the city for dinner, but was cut off by the ravishing storm! Maria, next time! I hope you've got home safely!
Let's hope the worst is over an we can clean up and get our routines back!
Spring, where are you?


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. It must be terrible!. I have never been without electricity or heater, but I can imagine.I hope everything get solution as soon as posible.

  2. Two days without electricity?! I think I'd be camped out at a bookstore too. Have to admit though that making music by candlelight sounds so nice!

  3. Thank you so much for the fabulous post!!

    And thank god for books :) Am glad you have your electricity back!

  4. Oh my gosh...mega storm! Kinda reminds me of Hurricane Ike. Sometimes it's fun without electricity...but not for too long! No blogs!


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