Thursday, March 25, 2010

Small investments

I love finding treasures to freshen things up around the house...and it is amazing what can be found for way less then $20.

The candles came from a blow out sale at a Smith & Hawken store in the neighborhood and after discount I got them for $12.00.
The small bird paperweight is from Pier 1, $7.95. The same source for the tea light.

These happy dish towels came from A & P (!) and are just the thing needed in my kitchen. $ 3.99 a double pack. Hard to beat!

Cute flip flops for my daughter at Pier 1, $ 6.95, they are available in Kelly green and hot pink as well, and you could get matching polka dotted woven straw totes for $14.95

Gorgeous azaleas now on my window ledge and going to live in my garden for long: $ 6.50 at the local market.

Fresh flowers from Trader Joe's $6.50!

I did not actually buy these, but they all would fit right in my scheme...

Right in time for the Easter bunny: egg crate from Anthropologie $14.00.

Spring scented magnolia candle $18.00

New favorite tea cup $10.00

This list could go on...
You do not have to break the bank to get some small lovely things, which will bring a breeze of fresh air into your house and lift your spirits at the same time. And it will last much longer then the small investment might suggest!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski and Anthropologie web site


  1. I love the bird paperweight and tea cup! Thanks for sharing your finds. It makes me believe I can find some great items for a great price too!

  2. candles make me so happy! and dish towels are essential to mark the changing seasons. I always feel buying flowers is frivolous spending, but the beauty and happiness they bring really makes them an essential! i love these little purchases you made!

  3. Hello there - I saw you over at ASD's and came to say hello. what a lovely collection of things you have photographed. I've also got an azalea in a pot and wondered if when you plant it outside you are going to use the special soil they prefer - or just leave it in the pot.

    I got sent the plant for my birthday and I would like it to keep going in the garden - I'm not too lucky with these sorts of shrubs

  4. It is always fun to freshen and liven things up for spring. Very cute finds. I love that teapot. Have been looking for one with a metal cozy. Enjoy planting those pretty flowers in your garden.


  5. I love candles... they always make everything look so nice... have a nice weekend!

  6. I love your green collection in the first photo, it has such a perfect springtime theme, thanks for posting!

  7. What lovely little treasures you have here. You are so right- sometimes the smallest little gift to ourselves is all we need to perk things up a bit...especially at this time of year.
    All of your green is so up-lifting for spring. Thank you for your sweet comment- please stop in again! I am now going to look through some of your wonderful past posts. Happy weekend to you.

  8. Some great ideas and examples!


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