Monday, March 8, 2010

Flower power

It is always so nice to find things I feel inspired by and last week I received the latest Anthropologie catalog and was again so happy to see the flowery patterns everywhere, which clearly point to spring and warmth and fun!
It is all about romance, casual elegance and relaxed past times...

I love this bag...

And these patterns are so delightful...

Love the white on white...

And I very much consider one of those gorgeous necklaces!

And do you remember: Today is International Woman's Day!

May we recognize our strength and creative powers, may we blossom and keep learning, may we teach our daughters to be compassionate and full of joy for life, may we be safe and find happiness in our lives, may we be good friends and loving partners, may we reach out to each other, may our voices be heard, may we leave a trace...

To all woman in friendship! May your day be filled with sunshine!


Pictures via spring 2010 Anthropologie catalog, first/last my own.


  1. beautiful! i love the headband... and are you getting more bedroom inspiration? happy int'l women's day to you! we finally have a great female candidate for governor of california, I went to her meeting tonight and we celebrated female leadership! perfect timing :)

  2. Perhaps your very own little woman (daughter) can create a necklace for you like that! Love all the patterns, colors and springtime images.


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