Wednesday, May 19, 2010

White on Wednesday

This morning did not lend itself to something light, bright... a caughing child sick at home, grayish morning, and yet....
What gets me going after breakfast and not quite lunch? After mending the little guy with tea, honey and a warm lavender pillow on his tummy?
Tea for two!

I shared a cup of tea with my husband, before he went off to work and we talked a bit about our garden plans, which led me to think about flowers, which in turn reminded me of a small project I had in mind for some time!
So - off I went loaded with some small glass jars and a milk bottle, an old vase and some spray paint!
It took literally a few minutes to cover the pieces with white paint...

Then some waiting...

And voila!

The first rose and iris, some honey suckle and lavender now bring spring inside an overcast day!

Hope your day has some sunshine and smiles!


Pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Love that you always manage to show us such goodies while living a busy life and taking care of so many.

  2. WOw! it´s incredible!, they seem real porcelain.
    What kind of paint did you use?

  3. Patricia, thanks, it's the fun in between...
    Anouk, I used KRYLON indoor/outdoor in white gloss!
    Turned out really nice, you need to keep a distance, otherwise the paint starts running and of course a well ventilated space. It dries fast and (about) three coats are needed to cover nicely!

  4. What a lovely day! That is so clever, I am going to go to the Dollar Tree and buy some glass vases and paint them, how clever! Hope the little guy is feeling better!

  5. That's a great idea. I read it on someone else's blog too. I should tell my mom to do that because she has so many glass vases and wants to do something different.

    I love the picture of that squirrel. We had some at home and they were much smaller. As a child, I thought they were chipmunks (like Chip and Dale) and would love to chase them.

  6. Shari,thank you, I thought its so easy to do and quite interesting to see the difference! I could also imagine adding stripes or different colors, perhaps silver spray!

    Christine, this is a chipmunk and quite a fat one.... squirrels are much larger. This one sits all the time on our fence to the neighbors and I took this picture yesterday from my upper deck...

    Agnes, thank you!

  7. pretty! I love those. ok, I am working on my 10 happy things post. Better late than never? Besser spät als nie?


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