Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Come sit down with me

I love pretty sofas, which give immediately character to any blander environment...
Some are very right now, some are truly timeless and all are absolutely fun!
I know there is this notion of a nice and neutral sofa, prettily upgraded with different pillows, but I say: The heck with it! Stop playing it safe...

This one is great even for little dirty feet and hand, forgiving, but unforgettable...

This one cries for a beach house...or a lovely relaxed, but elegant room!

A bench mark...

For the love birds...

For the dreamer...

I see this in a garden room...

Or an artist studio...

And this one!

I admit my own sofas, at least one of them, still stem from the philosophy that leather is good for kids and dogs, and yes, it is still in great shape, but oh, have I changed...
The other one is the result of a tiny budget. But one day - oh, one day I will have a marvelous piece of a sofa!!! Do you have a spot for something different? A corner in the house dedicated to fun and fabulous? I put it on my list!


Pictures via Anthropologie, last one Urban Outfitters(?) I think.


  1. Victoria,
    I love some of these amazing options...but I always go safe/neutral on the sofa and look for a great shape instead, that's also super comfortable.

    Wouldn't it be so great if everyone could have a dedicated "fun" room, with no budget constraints to go crazy and live out their design fantasy?

  2. Love the beach house one and bench..I'm on a search for a new sofa so far no luck. Have a great day!

  3. I am all about the sofa! I think a statement sofa can totally make a room, you've picked some great ones!

  4. Love the dreamer's and artist's sofas;-)
    You are so right - enough of playing it safe, it's all about colours;-)

  5. I love number 3 and the final picture of the sofa. Do you like the idea of a love seat? I remember seeing a friend of mine with his boyfriend sitting on a white love seat. Quite claustrophobic for me, I said! They laughed.

  6. I love the one for the artist's studio!!
    And that bench is divine.

  7. I love the ones for the garden and the dreamer! Beautiful! As much as I love looking at pillows, I don't like having too many on a sofa. A fun sofa sounds like a great way to go!

  8. Love all your choices, and I guess I am a dreamer! :)

  9. Ooh, what fun sofas! I love the striped one---have to go cruise the site now. :)


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