Sunday, May 23, 2010

The incredible lightness of summer

Gloucester harbor summer 2009

Reading Elle Decor from June 2010 put me in summer mode! Sunshine and birdsong were the background for a delightful afternoon, the magazines a wonderful stimulus for my senses!
Connecticut cool...

Easy living in Santa Monica

A simple plan in the Hampton's...

Making a splash on Shelter Island...

Island Girl's kitchen on Martha's Vineyard. (The eternal girl Meg Ryan)

Ahhh, summer living by the sea! Don't you love it?


Top picture by V.Zlotkowski all others via Elle Decor!


  1. Victoria, I think your description "incredible lightness of summer" says it all! I just did a post on my visit to a charming coastal town here in MA. Everything about that area speaks of summer. It is hard to put it in to words. It is just a feeling you get when the weather is warm and the salty breeze is coming off the water. It "is" the best expression of what summer truly is. I am not making any sense. I just love summers here!

    I am nuts over these pictures! I have to pick that mag up!

  2. Yes, you described summer so nicely! I would love to spend a few days by the beach and hear the water at night.

  3. I think I'm a spring and summer girl, though autumn is equally lovely, too. I like the picture with the boat in the ceiling best. Reminds one of a summer by sea in Italy or Sylt;-)

  4. Lovely. I went to the beach yesterday, It is summer here, already!


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