Monday, May 3, 2010

Today I love

Natur inspired rooms

Being outdoors constantly inspired me! I see light and patterns, colors.
And often I find rooms, which pick these colors up! Perhaps intentionally, but often unrelated...

I watched this lovely sail boat glide by, quietly in the misty waters of the Hudson...

The 'August' day bed is one of IKEA's latest in chic design. I rack my brains were I could find a lovely little spot...
Isn't it gorgeous?


Picture of nature and landscape by V.Zlotkowski all others in order via flickr xJavierx,, inglenookdecor.blogspot, kitchen from a resent magazine, which one - I forgot, sorry...IKEA day bed 'August' seen in British House & Garden, April 2010, already in the US stores!


  1. pretty - soothing blues.
    misty and full of intrigue.

  2. i would love to live on the water's edge someday... ocean lake or river! these are nice nautical rooms, without being overtly ostentatious: no bold mix of red blues and whites, and sailor stripes, or whatever else the "seaside" genre of homes entails.

    i love the big billowing white sail on the boat on the hudson. i want bedroom curtains like that!

    and you do love clouds don't you?! :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures ... so beautiful and so inspired by nature. Lovely post Vickey!
    Hugs Frances
    ps I have just bought Celerie Kemble and Jonathon Adler books.... so fantastic!

  4. These pictures lull my senses. To be inspired by nature. What a pleasure it is to be inspired by you today;-)

  5. That day bed is amazing, youre so right! Love how you tied these spectacular interiors to these incredible landscapes! Beautiful.

  6. I love the blues and white combinations. It makes the room feel so refreshing.

  7. Sooo calming and the connection in colour between nature and the interiors is spot-on...just gorgeous. What an eye you have.

  8. That so does not look like Ikea! I have to check that out. Not that I have a spot for it but I am still dying to see it in person!


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